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In March 2021, the label "Chinese Virus" loomed omnipresent; questions raised by recent racial protests remained unanswered; a gunman had just shot six Asian-American women in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Which is to say that we had no idea what to expect when we invited Asian-American teens across the country to answer the question: "What does your cultural identity mean to you in 2021?" 

Hundreds of submissions and dozens of hours of interviews later, our question evolved into the independent full-fledged post scriptum project, named after the postscript of a letter—that is, the forgotten afterthought of a narrative.

The following collections attempt to compile the sometimes-funny, sometimes-heartbreaking, often-silenced, always-powerful stories we received and document the experiences of Asian-American students, poets, activists, immigrants, influencers, artists, humans across the globe.  

the post scriptum collections*



individual responses on what Asian-American means in 2021, curated by our editors into notes on identity, hate, activism,  outsiderism, community, stereotypes, culture, and pride.



our editors conducted interviews spanning five minutes to two hours in length with Asian-American individuals from students and immigrants to influencers and strangers on the street.


original works submitted to us for publication by Asian-American creatives, including poetry, artwork, speech, journalism, and photography.


monthly features*

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"Kinaree." by Mae H

from post scriptum's visions collection

from post scriptum's interviews collection

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Lily & Krithika*

We found Lily and Krithika, both college students from New York, sharing dessert at a local spot. In a fifteen minute conversation, they taught our editors about Caucasian-dominant colleges, Hindu traditionalism, and the absence of Asians in conversations on race.

Flowers for Halmoni.jpeg

"Flowers for Halmoni." Digital Art by Michelle Chan

from post scriptum's visions collection

from post scriptum's interviews collection


Jade Deo is a talented South Asian illustrator based in New York. She focuses primarily on fanart for various book fantasy series' by Leigh Bardugo. In this interview, Jade talks to us about her fanart, her cosplay of a famous Grishaverse character, and the harmful effect of whitewashing POC characters.


"Untitled." Photography by David Zheng

from post scriptum's visions collection



Described as a cross between Dune and The Poppy War, The Boy With Fire is the first in a brand new, South Asian-inspired fantasy trilogy. Three weeks before the book's debut on August 31st, we sat down with author Aparna Verma to talk about the characters, plotline, and inspirations that drive the story of The Boy With Fire.

from post scriptum's interviews collection