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Angela Bi
"Love," "Left Hand Right Hand," "Fish Seller, "Chinese," "Me and my room," "Zodiac"

_Love,_ Acrylic on Paper, 16x24in - Ange

"Love." Acrylic on paper, 16x24 in. by Angela Bi.

_Left Hand Right Hand,_ Linocut, 4x6in -

"Left Hand Right Hand." Linocut, 4x6 in. by Angela Bi.

_Fish Seller,_ Acrylic on board, 18x24 i

"Fish Seller." Acrylic on board, 18x24 in. by Angela Bi.

_Chinese,_ Pen on Paper, 5x10 in - Angel

"Chinese." Pen on paper, 5x10 in. by Angela Bi.

_Me and my room,_ Graphite on paper, 20x

"Me and my room." Graphite on paper, 20x24 in. by Angela Bi.


"Zodiac." Paper cutting. by Angela Bi.

Artist's Statement

I can be classified as 华侨, meaning a person of Chinese ethnicity living in a country outside of China. Coincidentally, the second letter sounds like the Chinese word for “bridge.” As a child of immigrants, it feels like I’m on a bridge between my Chinese roots and my “American” future. This is why my art attempts to understand two things: my individual experience with my Chinese heritage, and my role as a Chinese American in this day and age.

In my piece “Fish Seller,” I recount my experiences visiting my dad’s hometown and seeing merchants sell fish, turtles, and other animals in tiny enclosures.

In “Left Handed,” I use the process of stamping a lino cut to represent the traditional conversion of left-handed people to being right handed to write Chinese easier.

In “Love” and “Chinese,” I look at the expectations and persecution associated with being Chinese American in this day and age.

On the flip side, through piece “Me and my room,” I look at the privilege I’ve received from the opportunities given to my parents in the United States. I aim to explore the multitude of complexities being an Asian American in the modern day entails.

"Zodiac" combines the traditional Chinese practice of cutting paper to stick on windows during Chinese New Year and a reflection on myself based on the Chinese zodiac animals. According to the Lunar calendar, my birthday aligns with the horse zodiac, associated with leadership and sociability. On the other hand, according to the regular calendar, I am a sheep, associated more with a timid and artistic personality. I think the horse represents my and others' expectations, while the sheep is my current self.

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