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Beck Hong
"We Are Who We Are," "Universal Love", "Stop The Hate"

BeckHongWeAreWhoWeAre - Alefiya Presswal

"We Are Who We Are." by Beck Hong.

BeckHonguniversal love - Alefiya Presswa

"Universal Love." by Beck Hong.

BeckHongStopTheHate - Alefiya Presswala.

"Stop The Hate." by Beck Hong.

Artist's Statement

We Are Who We Are: "Silence is not an option and allyship needs to be stronger than ever. Let's protect each other and continue making noise!"

Universal Love: "I hope one day we focus on the similarities and commonalities that we all share while appreciating the differences. Even if we have different skin colors, there is only one race: HUMAN.

Stop The Hate: "I am still hurting but I want to continue doing my part to amplify the needs of the AAPI community."


Beck is an art and fashion-based illustrator with both a fashion design and graphic design background. Upon graduating from New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with a focus in Fashion Design, Beck held positions at large designers, such as Michael Kors and Vince Camuto, as well as high-end boutique fashion companies in New York City and Los Angeles. Using her experience in the design field, Beck focuses on bringing fashion design to life through the art of illustration. Instagram: @beck_lines.

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