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the post scriptum project is open for submissions for voices and visions (interviews are scheduled only upon request by editor). All submissions should be from AAPI creators unless you specifically reach out to our editorial team.

submit to voices*

*what moves you? is there a coming-of-age story that means a lot to you? a family member you want to spotlight, an injustice you want to call out? In the form below, share with us what your Asian-American identity, from past memories to present choices to future dreams, means to you. Alternately, you can email us at (with two t's!)

*responses of any length, topic, style is acceptable, but our editors reserve the right to edit slightly statements for grammar and clarity or discard unacceptable submissions

*all fields are optional except for the last.




submit to visions

*email submissions to us at (with two t's!)

*use subject line: PSP Submission: [name or ‘anonymous’], [type of submission (art, writing, photography, etc)].


*in your email, attach your file (preferably PDF, PNG, or JPG format), renamed to include the piece title

*for multiple submissions, please attach each as a separate file in one email 


*optional: in the body of the email, include an artist's statement, in which you share more about the inspiration of your work and what it means to you, and third-person bio, in which you can share your name, city, age, and any other details about yourself


*we recommend, but do not require, that submissions either follow cultural themes or be inspired by your Asian identity

*we accept previously published work, but please mention if your piece appeared previously in a third-party journal/magazine/publication and has permission to be republished so that we may credit the original source


*work that has previously appeared on your personal social media and blog pages counts as unpublished--feel free to send it in along with your social media handles! 

*there is NO deadline for submissions. submissions are taken on a rolling basis.

Email us with submissions, or any questions/concerns/suggestions you have at (that's two t's!) We will try our best to get back to submissions within 1-2 weeks. 

we do not tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, or any other sort of bigotry

p.s. we're so excited to see your submissions! happy creating :) 

Voices Submissions

Thanks for submitting!

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