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Cynthia Lin
"Koi Fish," "Who Are You?" "The Work Goes On"

cynthialin3 - Alefiya Presswala.jpeg

"Koi Fish." by Cynthia Lin.

cynthialin2 - Alefiya Presswala.jpeg

"Who Are You?" by Cynthia Lin.

cynthialin1 - Alefiya Presswala.jpeg

"The Work Goes On." by Cynthia Lin.

Artist's Statement

Koi fish: “Nián nián youyú” (Or “Year after year, may you have abundance,” a good luck saying for the Lunar New Year when the fish dish is brought out.)

The Work Goes On (restaurant worker): This is a rather personal piece, as it depicts a worker cutting roast pork at my family’s Chinese takeout restaurant. From experience, I know that working at a restaurant can be laborious yet rewarding, and I wanted to hone in on the weariness we were all feeling as the pandemic dragged on. Through this piece, I want to acknowledge and express my gratitude for all the people who could not work from home, who kept the world running even as everyone else quarantined.


Cynthia Lin, age 18, is an artist and writer whose pieces have appeared in the Congressional Art Show and has been published in Girls Learn International’s The Feminist Focus. Her work depicting the Asian American and Pacific Islander community has been influenced by recent events and by her experiences growing up working at her family’s Chinese restaurant. At college, she plans to major in Ethnicity, Race, & Migration.

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