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Erin Hsu

"Pigs," "11 in 2020," "Paper Fires, "Childhood Virus"

erin hsu Pigs.png

"Pigs." Oil pastel and color pencil on sandpaper, 13x13 in. by Erin Hsu.

erin hsu 11 in 2020.png

"11 in 2020." Multimedia on paper. by Erin Hsu.

erin hsu Paper Fires.jpg

"Paper Fires." Acrylic and paper, 14x16 in. by Erin Hsu.

erin hsu Childhood Virus.jpg

"Childhood Virus." Graphite, acrylic & color pencil, 11.5x16 in. by Erin Hsu.

Artist's Statement

Pigs: My brothers and I are all very energetic and a little messy, and our mother often calls us "pigs" (but in mandarin), which is what inspired this drawing. Through this piece, I tried to capture my complicated relationship with my siblings; the center of the artwork depicts moments we share that are purely joyful, while the crack on the frame subtly represents the hardships we have mended.

11 in 2020: In 2020 when Covid-19 struck, I saw my 11 year-old brother's mental stability degrade over the course of a few months. It was the prime of his childhood but he was stuck at home every day with no motivation to do anything but stay in his computer world. His bubbly and optimistic personality morphed into rebellion, mood swings, and even hints of hysteria that urged him to do things that were unrecognizable to the version of my brother I knew before. As his older sister, I was annoyed with him, and I thought that I could lecture him back to "normal". After all, I had once been his age too. However, it would've been impossible for me to really understand his mental state; his opportunity of a healthy childhood was stolen away and with his brain only partially developed, what he really needed was support– support that he never received. He was falling apart like a ball of yarn and all I did was play with it like a kitten. With this piece, I hope to draw awareness to the youth's mental health during the pandemic in hope that people don't make the same mistakes I did. 


Erin Hsu is a Taiwanese American who lives in Cupertino, California with her family, cats, and mini poodle. Her artwork's themes  shift as frequently as her passions due to her ambitiously impulsive personality, but she has always been intrigued by nature, people, and what people do to nature (as often seen reflected in her artwork). The end result of many of her pieces is spontaneous, as she tries to let her creativity carry the process instead of planning out every detail in the work. Erin hopes that, through her art, she is able to express her beliefs and inspire change.

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