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photos from "DISORIENT"


"DISORIENT 1." Photography. by Gabby.

GabbyZ- magazine.jpg

"DISORIENT 1." Photography. by Gabby.

Artist's Statement

These are photos from my upcoming album "DISORIENT." After I graduated, I took my first solo trip to Malaysia in an effort to build a relationship with my family that didn’t exist solely through my mother. Weeks after I returned the pandemic hit, and then in April, my Popo (grandmother) passed away suddenly. This, paired with the rising racism towards Asian people all over the country, resulted in so many complex feelings rising to the surface. I turned to music to processes them, and my album “DISORIENT” began to take shape.


Gabby is a 22 year-old artist from Minnesota. Born from a Dutch father, Chinese mother, and Malaysian heritage, she explores her biracial identity through music in her upcoming album "DISORIENT."

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