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Ivan Vanderveer
"Matryoshka: 524 Vol 2.", "Red Velvet Posable Paper Dress-up Doll: Yeri Edition," "Suki Suki Daisuki," "Close and Open, I Summon You Foul Demons and the Dead." 


"Matryoshka: 524 Vol 2." Mixed Media. by Ivan Vanderveer. 


"Red Velvet Posable Paper Dress-up Doll: Yeri Edition." Marker and Red Thread. by Ivan Vanderveer


"Suki Suki Daisuki." Colored Pencil. by Ivan Vanderveer.


"Close and Open, I Summon You, Foul Demons and the Dead." Marker and Colored Pencil. by Ivan Vanderveer.

Artist's Statement

My AP Art concentration this year deals with how one represents audio as a still image. I took from some of my favorite songs, and I depicted them through my artwork.

Matryoshka: This piece took elements from the music video “Matryoshka” by Kenshi Yonezu and combined them with jagged shapes to convey the song’s loud, expressive instrumentals. The lyrics of the song are seemingly meaningless, which comments on how people try to find meaning in something―just as they peel back the layers of a Russian nesting doll―when it was never intended to be analyzed so closely in the first place. This is my second attempt at doing the same composition, but experimented with brighter colors and more clutter in the background.

Red Velvet Posable Doll: This piece depicts a singer from the band Red Velvet, Yeri, in her dress from the music video “Peek-a-Boo.” This song has a playful tone to it, and the lyrics describe the feeling falling in love innocently as a child. I incorporated a paper dress-up doll theme to call back to my childhood, and mimicked a moving picture in the background, which was inspired by the music video.

Suki Suki Daisuki: "Kiss me as if you're punching me, until my lips bleed / Hold me until my ribs make a cracking sound and break."

Close and Open: This piece uses a character depicted in the music video “Close and Open, Demons and the Dead” by Hachi, but is drawn in a style inspired by prints of dragons made in the Japanese Edo period because of the traditional instruments used in the song. The song calls for nearby spirits to dance and play, and so I drew talisman to fall along that theme.

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