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Jenny Li
"Accent," "Silence," "Hate, "Stolen" 


"Accent." by Jenny Li.


"Silence." by Jenny Li.


"Hate." by Jenny Li.


"Stolen." by Jenny Li.

Artist's Statement

I created these four works as part of a portfolio concentrated on the experiences Asian Americans, contrasting the struggle Asians face with the beauty of our cultures. 

"Accent" depicts how the way a person speaks can affect others' perceptions of them. I created this to show the injustice of associating people with negative stereotypes based solely on their accents and dialects. The color transition and disappearing koi fish represent how words change meaning as they travel from mouth to ear.

"Silence" is a representation of the pressures and expectations placed on Asian youth often by their culture and upbringing, made worse by the lack of mental health awareness in our culture. This piece's colors and background was also inspired by the interior paintings in Asian palaces. 

"Hate" is a reaction to the increase in anti-Asian hate crimes. It depicts how simple words can exacerbate real life violence. 

"Stolen" represents the hyper-sexualization of Asian women in western culture, as well as the appropriation of cultural clothing by western fashion brands. 


Jenny Li is a Chinese-American artist based in New York. Her art acts as a form of self expression and identity. You can find her Instagram and TikTok @byjennny 

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