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Jessica Guan
"Disconnected," "One Way," "Extinguished."

"Disconnected." Mixed Media. by Jessica Guan.


"One Way." Mixed Media. by Jessica Guan.


"Extinguished." Acrylic on Canvas. by Jessica Guan.

Artist's Statement

For my AP concentration this year, I decided to investigate the American Dream, including both the positive and the negative perspectives.

Disconnected: This piece portrays the “reality” or a negative perspective of the American Dream. Children of immigrants tend to lose their connection to their culture.

One Way: Being the child of immigrants, I often pondered why my parents decided to leave their home country. For the first piece of my concentration, I focused on my father’s American Dream. He wanted to leave the communist government structure in China and was drawn by the American republic. The Chinese communist propaganda posters in the background of this mixed media piece represent his past life. The plane ticket to the John F. Kennedy Airport is his “golden ticket” to a new life and a new beginning.

Extinguished: This piece portrays the “reality” of the symbolic meaning behind the statue of liberty’s torch. It is supposed to “light the way” for immigrants and show a path of opportunities. However, with current systemic issues, it this torch is no longer “lit,” which is represented by the hand pinching out the flame.

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