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Katie Ko
Dance Portraits


Artist's Statement

I did grow up in a predominantly white area, and I never really had many Asian friends that I could find in school and at my dance studio, my sister and I were the only Asians that I knew of. Since then, I still yet to have many Asian friends and on my dance team, everyone else is white while I am Korean. When I was younger, I did not really mind but more recently, being the only Asian in this environment has affected me. I wish that I had friends that were Asian, people who I could share my culture with and share foods with that I know would not judge me. In addition, it really disappointed me when all of the hate crimes against Asians were being publicized and no one really seemed to care?...Even after seeing these new awful headlines everyday, I went to dance trying to cover up me being upset, and being the only Asian on the team and no one seeming to care at all really hurt. 

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