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Sandra Hsu
"Share Your Asian Story," "Invisible"

ShareYourAsianStory - Sandra Hsu.jpg

"Share Your Asian Story." Watercolor on paper. by Sandra Hsu.

Invisible - Sandra Hsu.jpg

"Invisible." Watercolor on paper. by Sandra Hsu.

Artist's Statement

"Share Your Asian Story" is a celebration of the idiosyncrasies of Asian Americans, in contrast to the model minority stereotype. Each woman has a different personality and style, yet when they come together they have the power to lift each other up. Only by coming together and sharing our stories can we make others see us as individuals of flesh and blood and not as a marginalized minority that can be disregarded. In addition, my illustration highlights the work of Asian American designers @PrabalGurung and @JasonWu, both of whom have been outspoken on racism against Asians.

"Invisible" is this Asian-American fashion illustrator’s response to the anti-Asian racism and violence against our people. These issues always existed but have intensified since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and risen to an all-time high in the last few months. @therealphilliplim recently posted a video on his IGTV sharing his thoughts about feeling “helpless, invisible and semi-defeated because our Asian stories are not being reported in mainstream media”, and I have to admit I’ve shared those feelings for years. In this illustration of a look from @31philliplim FW2021, I’m using fashion illustration as a way of expressing that feeling. The woman wearing this negative-space sweater and reaching for recognition, but disappearing into the background, speaks to the collective experience of the Asian diaspora. We are the overlooked minority, denied citizenship until the twentieth century, herded into internment camps, passed over for promotions and pushed down, all without protest, because for generations we just wanted to belong. No longer. It’s time for all of us to speak up, step up, and stop being invisible.


Taiwanese-American fashion illustrator and artist Sandra Hsu currently resides in California, where she has lived for 48 years.

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