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Shachi Jain
"The Glorious Bride"

shachijain2 - Alefiya Presswala.jpeg

"The Glorious Bride." Watercolor on paper. by Shachi Jain.

Artist's Statement

This piece of work shows the beauty & solidarity of an Indian bride. Every piece of jewellery she adorns, every piece of fabric she drapes adds up to her undeniably divine aura. The wind reveals her valiant persona and the strength she possesses.


Shachi Jain is a 21 year old illustrator based in India. Her creative journey started when painting was introduced to her in primary school. She enjoyed playing with colours a lot and used to doodle all day. Soon, with practice, she started developing skills. But after some time, the creative schedule took a break due to academic necessities. In high school, Shachi chose fine arts as a subject again and the journey took off. Right now, she is focusing on improving herself as an artist and doing collaborations & freelancing side by side.

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